Dance is my favourite way to meditate.  It’s my refuge, a beautiful way to communicate with yourself, and others. A space out of time, with no distractions or rules.  A place to unwind, go inward, and sort it all out.  A space for self love and self inquiry. 
Dance is a universal language of the heart. – Sarah Monica

” rhythm is our mother  tongue “.  “… put the psyche in motion and it will heal itself..” – Gabrielle Roth

” Dance in your darkness and in your light and all the spaces in between”. – quote that Gabrielle Roth wrote for me in a copy of her book: Sweat your prayers.

I am a musical being, looking to sing my soul awake.  Learning to be more fearless, by loving more fearlessly.

As a musician, a birth doula, dancer, mother, caregiver, and lover of all things expressive, I enjoy creating spaces for people to really come alive in.  Spaces for emotion, for dreaming, for exploring, and experiencing.  Ecstatic Dance is a safe space lab like this.  

I have been studying movement and expressive arts for roughly 11 years.  Previously performing in a ritual theatre & dance troupe, which workshopped rights of passages, and women’s stories.  I’ve kept up a regular practice with the international school of the 5 rhythms, delving deep into the psyche and soul through a variety of exercises and themes.  I’ve enjoyed hosting a variety of eclectic movement workshops at different festivals and public events, taking people on a journey into their own body and mind with these ancient movement arts.  I love to create spaces for people to get in touch with their authentic self through dance, music, and a sense of freedom to communicate using the language of song and dance.


As a magical friend would say: ” What more is possible” ? … Let’s find out!

See you on the dance floor xo

Sarah Monica
Aka DJ Stardust