Ecstatic Dance 2018

7:30 – 9:30 pm.
41 Rosemount, Hintonburg, Ottawa (near Parkdale/Wellington).
$15 at the door, $10 students.

Ecstatic dance is movement medicine – a safe space to move freely to beautiful, rhythmic, lyrically uplifting music. Doors open and music is playing from 7:20 pm onward for you to soften in, chill out and warm up. .

The theme offers invitations to open, release, explore and move in new ways. The extent to which you explore the theme is totally your choice – it’s healing to just move freely and authentically to music! The dance floor remains chat-free until the closing circle..
If you’re low income and loving dance, contact Kaia to see if she needs a helper that night. 



Coming Dances – Fall 2018

Kaia will facilitate: September 6 and 20; October 4 and 18; November 1 and 15 and December 6.

December 6


Express the magical self that arises from open acceptance and embodied awareness. In centred, relaxed ease, we tap into our mystical life force so even a crescendo of wild expressive dance feels effortlessly flowing. Magic arises from love and wonder – expect the unexpected!

Cacao served at 7:15 – $5



November 29

Healing Moves

Our innate visceral intelligence unleashes when we allow ourselves to move in a way that’s totally natural, simply inspired by present moment music and feelings. A facilitated warm up will kick-start this dance, sharing ways to open our bodies, energize the spine and up the healing possibilities while enjoying uplifting lyrics and great rhythms our dance doubling as powerfully liberating therapy if we feel to – here’s how!

This is an extra session, being the 5th Thursday of the month. World and electronic music will start gently, building to a crescendo with beat sync for a smooth continuous dance flow, then dropping us slowly into effortless stillness and connection.

November 15

Be all that you can be! The dance floor is the most fun way to release all that isn’t resonant with your higher self. Invite yourself into your cells to move out visceral memory.

Full or half cup of cacao $10/$5 available – contact Kaia to order one – served before the dance.

November 1


At Samhain, the veil thins, allowing access to the spirit worlds and their intuitive wisdom. Celebrate our ancestors, guides and nature spirits moving to music flavoured with Celtic, mystical and Wiccan sounds.

October 18

Shamanic Healing

Journey through release to healing! Our bodies have intrinsic wisdom and know how to release and heal when allowed to move freely. Earthy tribal rhythms and a melodic soundscape quickly drop us in a grounded open state releasing this healing wisdom.
Live drumming jam interval. Cacao beans at the opening circle. Full or half cup of cacao $10/$5 – contact Kaia to order

October 6


Thanksgiving is about nourishment, coming together, and expressing our gratitude for all we have. Gratitude raises our vibes. Cacao beans available.

September 20


While days and nights are of equal length, we can, if we wish, explore balance between inner and outer, the spirit and the earth, expression and stillness as we dance.
Cacao beans available.

September 6

Joyous Reunion

A joyous reunion celebrating the re-meeting of hearts and feet on our familiar dance floor. Our gently facilitated warm-up will build into invitations to reconnect, open up and let go! We’ll drop into gentle serenity at the end. Cacao beans offered for those who like.