Kaia’s Dances

Kaia’s dances are full of creative, varied music that starts gently, builds to a crescendo, then drops into stillness. She loves to dance! She  brings to the dance floor 45 of spiritual practice and 35 years of yoga and event facilitation to create fun, high vibe dances focussing on embodied awareness and authentic expression. Aside from Ecstatic Dance, she raises consciousness and inspires present moment awareness through yoga, dance, chant, pranayama, music and shinrin-yoku guided Forest Therapy walks.

Kaia founded Barefoot Boogie in 2003. She has been facilitating these Ecstatic Dances since 2014. She discovered the current location, 41 Rosemount in October 2015, and Ecstatic Dance moved there shortly after.

Kaia teaches yoga Tuesdays to Thursdays at Carleton University from September – April, offering Hatha, Flow, Yin De-stress and Power classes. Details

Kaia offers Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing sessions across Ottawa. Visit www.shinrin-yoku.ca for details. She also offers spiritual counselling – a non-medical approach to unusual experiences, mystical awakening, personal transformation and coping with today’s rapidly changing world. Details


Kaia has six years of ballet training that started aged 6, and has also taken classes in jive, ballroom, salsa, Argentinian tango and 5Rhythms. She created YoQiDa – yoga and qigong choreographed to music woven with dance, which was trademarked in 2006. Her musical training started on the piano, aged 4, and expanded into flutes, guitar, harp, drums and percussion. Kaia explored advanced yogic practices for 12 years in the Himalayas. She has also trained in energy work, shamanic healing, sound healing and emotional clearing. She has spent many decades cultivating her own authenticity, which allows her to hold space for others.